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making your dreams come true on Lake Garda since 1974

We choose the houses that we fall in love with: a cosy nook in the kitchen or lounge, the fireplace or the balcony with views over the lake, the garden or the garage, the cellar or the attic... a beautiful surprise awaits, wherever you go.

for every need

In almost fifty years we have met many people, satisfied many needs, and established firm friendships with our customers. Placing your trust in us means being guided to the solution that best meets the expectations both of those who are selling and those who are buying properties.

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Living between the sky and the lake.

The beauty of nature (the beaches and the lakefront, the hills of the hinterland and the mountains behind) is accompanied by the richness of local traditions, food and wine, as much culture as you can handle: this is the Lake Garda that has always charmed travellers.